The benefits of using Laser Check for checks

As the premier source for laser checks for QuickBooks, Laser Check has earned a reputation for providing customers with high-quality, cost-efficient, and extremely secure business checks. With a range of standard and enhanced security features, our customers have come to rely upon us when they need timely, affordable checks. For over twenty years, we’ve worked to improve the products that we offer and the services that we provide. Whether you’re a small, local business or a massive, multi-national operation, you can depend on us to deliver the checks that you need, when you need them. If you have any questions about our custom business checks, or if you need assistance we encourage you to reach out to us at 1-866-737-1495.

Standard security features:
  • Thermochromic inks ensure that your checks cannot be copied.
  • Ghost watermark on the back of the checks provide additional security.

Enhancements available:

  • Unlimited ink colors
  • Perforation configuration
  • Step & repeat background
  • Software compatible layouts
  • Pantograph
  • Your custom logo