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Over the last two decades, Laser Check has grown to become the premier source for Quicken, Peachtree, Intuit, and QuickBooks checks. Allowing our customers to cut out the middlemen, our checks are guaranteed to be more cost-efficient, without sacrificing quality or compatibility. When compared to other providers, including Intuit® and Deluxe®, our checks often cost fifty to sixty percent less!

Best of all, our products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Since our founding, we’ve built – and staked – our reputation on top-notch customer service. If you aren’t satisfied with the checks that you receive, simply contact us, explain your issues, and we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that you’re happy.

In addition to affordability and quality, all of our checks feature nine cutting-edge security features, including a ghost watermark and thermochromic ink. We understand that our customers demand checks of the highest caliber and, because of that, are continually searching for ways to improve security, quality, and turnaround time. Whether you’re a small, local business or a massive, multinational corporation, you can always count on Laser Check to deliver the absolute best – and cheapest – laser checks available.


Customer Service
Laser Check is committed to offering the shortest turnaround times and best service
Aiming to provide our customers with the best way to buy checks online, Laser Check offers checks in several ink colors, software-compatible layouts, and more. Our primary aim is to uphold our reputation as the Internet’s go-to source for high-quality laser checks.
We offer high-quality, affordable, and eminently secure custom business checks
Offering both standard and enhanced security features, Laser Check can customize your checks to meet your needs. From a ghost watermark to thermochromic inks to prevent copying, you can count on us to deliver checks that exceed your expectations.
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Order now and save up to sixty percent on QuickBooks-compatible business checks
If you’ve been searching for a proven, reliable place to buy QuickBooks-compatible checks online, you’re in the right place! By ordering through Laser Check, you stand to save up to sixty percent and – more importantly – you will receive secure, high-quality checks.
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Look at these amazing prices!
Laser Check's one-part check prices are substantially lower than Intuit® and Deluxe® in these quantities:
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Regular prices taken from competitors’ websites November 2019. Deluxe Corp. is a registered trademark of Deluxe Enterprises Operations. Intuit is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc.

Questions about our custom business checks?

Need to know more about ordering business checks online? Our team is here to help! Whether you’re curious about custom logo printing, rush orders, or software compatibility, we’ll provide you with the answers you need. Contact us today with your questions, comments, or concerns.